Week 1—The Right Way?

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This week our podcast breaks down into three sections:

—5S/5C pricing and how unbelievably wrong we were, along with some assuredly accurate predictions for October. 

—"Life in the life," i.e. why we decided to abandon our respective gravy trains and shack up with no income, funding, employees or help. Why did we do that, again?

—A quick bonus Objective-C question and a dinner invite! 

For contact purposes Max is mlchild at gmail and James is jameswilsterman at gmail. We're aiming to double our audience every week, help out with the effort amigos. 



Thompson on Apple products being worth paying for: http://stratechery.com/2013/two-minutes-fifty-six-seconds/ 

Gruber was similarly surprised: http://daringfireball.net/2013/09/iphone_5c_5c_event

MG: http://techcrunch.com/2013/09/10/iphone-5c/ 

Dediu found an illusion as well: http://www.asymco.com/2013/09/11/c-is-for-cognitive-illusion/ 

Evans on Apple owning the high end: http://ben-evans.com/benedictevans/2013/9/5/the-price-of-the-5c