← Swipe Left to Practice Sharing this Article

With the Volley app, sharing an article with your friends becomes really easy.

Let's learn how to share an article with your friends on Volley.

In the previous screen, use your index finger to swipe this entire article card to the left. When you toss the card off screen to the left, it will get shared with your friends on Volley (though for now it's just for practice). We call sharing an article 'volleying'.

The article gets shared with everyone who 'gets your stories'. You can change who that is from the settings menu once you signup.

When you share an article using Volley, your friends get to see what you've been reading. After you share an article by swiping left, you can write a comment out to your friends telling them why you found the article so interesting.

Go back to the previous screen and give it a shot!