What is Volley?

Welcome to Volley.

So, what is this thing?

Volley shows you articles from your friends.

Whereas other apps are for sharing photos, or breaking news, or status updates, Volley is built solely for sharing articles and blog posts with a small group of friends. It's for people who love to read and share what they find interesting.

When you read a great article online, you might not know it, but your friends would probably want to read it to. Your friends have similar tastes and they want to know what stories you find interesting.

But how do you even get it to them? You could e-mail them a link, but that often takes too long and you have to figure out exactly who to send it to and then craft a subject line and a message.

On Volley, just copy the link from the internet and open the app. Click 'Volley' and the article gets sent to your friends. It's really simple. Volley gives you a stream of great articles from your friends and lets you talk about the stories together.

On Volley, you only need one or two friends to have a great experience. Think about who you enjoy sharing articles with already and invite them to join you on Volley!

As a bonus, you also get to select from a handful of our favorite authors and bloggers to automatically get the articles they post online each day.

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Max and James