Finding the Right Device

Smart assistants can truly simplify our lives and make sure we stay on top of everyday tasks. People find new ways to use them, and it can be hard to learn the basics because Google Home games and applications are so flexible. Read on to learn the lingo and understand how to use your Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Built-in (Google Nest Home) vs. Works With Google Assistant: Similarly to Alexa devices, you need to know the difference between different Google Assistants to understand their full capabilities. 

A device with Google Assistant Built-In has speakers and a microphone, connects to Wi-Fi and can be spoken to and send responses. Most of these devices can be muted or deafened. Some examples include Nest and Nest Home devices, some Bluetooth and wireless speakers and some smart TVs.

A device that Works With Google Assistant, however, connects to Wi-Fi and is considered a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). It can respond to requests from a Google Nest device as these devices do not have microphones. A few examples include smart plugs and light bulbs, Nest branded smart home accessories and some security cameras and doorbells.

Setting up your Google Assistant App

The useful skills and interactive games on Google Home are free and do not require any subscription to use the service. If you are just getting started and want to learn how Google Assistants can work, this is the best place to begin. Some skills and games utilize visual aspects in addition to audio, so a device that has a screen can lead to a better experience.

  1. Open the app store on your mobile device
  2. Search for Google Assistant
  3. Select Install
  4. Select open and sign in with your Google account
  5. Install smart home connected devices (optional).

Once everything has been set-up properly, you can install fun games, like Volley’s Song Quiz Google compatible skill!

Talking to Google Assistant

Set alarms and reminders using the Google Assistant app or by asking an enabled device. It’s important to speak clearly when giving your Google Assistant commands or asking questions. Also, Google can look up shopping information or add things to your Google Shopping cart. 

If Google has trouble understanding the query, wait a few seconds and try again or use the keyboard function instead. Voice assistants are still fairly new to the market, but engineers, linguists, marketers and researchers are improving smart speaker’s comprehension and ability to understand humans.