Watch live talk shows and chat directly with your favorite hosts in real time.
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Backchannel — The Interactive Hub for Live Talk & Game Shows

Have you ever been watching your favorite talk show and wished you could be there? Dreamed of being a contestant in a live television game show? Well now you can with Backchannel! This Alexa skill allows you to watch your favorite talk and game shows and chat directly with the hosts. With live shows, quizzes and trivia, Backchannel lets you have an online conversation and compete with other audience members in real time! From the makers of the Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and The Price Is Right voice games, we’ve made a new way to make talk and game shows interactive for those at home. Take your voice controlled gaming and love for live talk and game shows to the next level with Backchannel. Simply download and enable Backchannel to your compatible Amazon device, currently an Echo Show, Fire TV or Fire tablet, and join in on the exciting chats, games and trivia!

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Love talking to Kate and all my virtual friends!

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