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Fall asleep easier with over 1000 hours of relaxing bedtime stories.
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Relaxing Bedtime Stories on Alexa

The Alexa children’s Bedtime Story skill offers a ton of stories in up to seven different genres, making it easy for people of all ages to fall asleep faster. Not only is it better than white noise to reach slumber more quickly, the Alexa Bedtime Story app improves quality of sleep, reduces stress and minimizes anxiety. Just like our family trivia game, Bedtime Stories on Alexa is compatible with your Amazon Echo or other devices via voice commands. This makes it easy to go to bed or nap in a comfortable room by launching the Alexa Bedtime Story app for instantaneous decompressing. The Bedtime Stories skill is easy to download, enable and access when you open the Alexa app or by telling your device to play Alexa Bedtime Stories. You can even listen to a short bedtime story when it’s time to put the kids to bed. However, like Volley’s guess the song knowledge game, the Alexa Bedtime Story app is for people of all ages to enjoy. Activate Bedtime Stories on Alexa devices for you and your kids to enjoy a faster, deeper night’s sleep.

What people are saying about

Rae Jensen

My 8 year daughter listens to bedtime stories every night for bedtime. She cannot sleep without listening to a story. Her favorite bedtime story iS "The Tale of Squirrel Nut King." This is the one of the best parent helpers out there!


I decided to try these bedtime stories on my Alexa device after my daughter was having trouble falling asleep. At the beginning I wasn't sure if she would enjoy this but now that have been using it for over a week I cannot believe how much it has helped! would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good bedtime story on their Alexa device!


love falling asleep to this! i like all the story options you can choose from. its especially great for kids babysit, i'll just tell alexa to put on a story and its great!

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