Family Duel

We asked 100 people a bunch of survey questions. Can you guess their answers?
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Alexa, play Family Duel
Alexa is coming soon
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Hey Google, talk to Family Duel
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Play Family Duel on Alexa & Google Home

If you have been searching for family games Alexa can play through your smart speaker, then Family Duel is the perfect Alexa skill to try. With Alexa, family games have never been more fun or easy to play! In this fast-paced trivia game, you and your competitors will look to answer questions 100 people have been surveyed. Plus, they are kid-friendly, like “What might a pirate give you as a gift?” making the Alexa or Google Home family games fun for everyone! And similarly to Volley’s Song Quiz, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader trivia game and other games, you can play Family Duel as an Alexa skill or on your Google Assistant. So no matter which devices you have in your smart home, the Google Home or Alexa games for family fun are ready for you to play! Download your Alexa family games or Google Home family games today!

What people are saying about


Reviewed in the United States on May 14,2021 I recently played this for the first time and OMG!!! This is now one of my favorite games to play. My family really loves it too!! They keep asking me to play with them and I am like, "HECK YEAH!!Alexa, PLAY FAMILY DUEL!! If you are looking for a fun, fresh, never get old game, this is it!!I highly recommend you check this out ASAP!! 11/10


This is such a fun game to play with your family, from young kids to grandparents and everyone in between. I laugh so hard when hear the answers that my family come up with. It's also a ton of fun to a play solo!

J. Alex B

Great for the whole family to play and answer questions! The kids enjoyed it.

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