Guess the question based on the answer on this classic game!
Just Say
Alexa, play Jeopardy
Alexa is coming soon
Just Say
Hey Google, talk to Jeopardy
Google Assistant is coming soon

Play Jeopardy Trivia Game at Home

When it comes to excitingly challenging trivia games, nothing beats the Jeopardy! skill, Alexa and Google Home compatible. It's just like the famous game show! With the Alexa or Google Home Jeopardy! game, you can play on any of your favorite smart speakers. Just like The Price Is Right or Are You Smart Than a 5th Grader, Jeopardy! on Google Home or an Echo device uses the real theme and questions from the TV show, like Double Jeopardy. And with new clues every weekday, the fun never stops! After downloading the Amazon Alexa Jeopardy! game, just tell your device to launch the skill. Or if you are using the Google Home Jeopardy! game, simply say, “Hey Google play Jeopardy!” So test your knowledge with the Alexa Jeopardy! or Google Home Jeopardy! game and be a contestant alongside the Primetime host Mayim Bialik. Plus, upgrade to the subscription version for Teen Jeopardy! and Sports Jeopardy!, available on weekends.

What people are saying about

Maggie B

My husband and I look forward to playing everyday!


Truly a challenging game, well done Alexa!

Fran McCoy

it I love it! I'm retired and it keeps me sharp. I learn at least 1 new thing everday!

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