Climb the word pyramid by guessing the word based on its description!
Just Say
Alexa, play Pyramid
Alexa is coming soon
Just Say
Hey Google, talk to Pyramid
Google Assistant is coming soon

Google Home and Alexa Pyramid Game Fun for the Whole Family

If you are a fan of the hit television word association game show, then you are going to love the Amazon or Google Pyramid game! Using your Google Home/Nest or Amazon Echo, you can play solo and try to guess the items with Alexa offering clues, or play alongside friends and family in online challenges. If you enjoyed Volley’s Magic Word game where you guessed the word based on the gif, then you are going to love the Alexa Pyramid game where you guess the item based on the hints. We recommend pairing the Amazon or Google Pyramid game with one of your screen capable smart devices for the optimal experience. And similarly to Song Quiz, you can play virtually or locally. In using Google or Alexa Pyramid game with your smart home speaker of choice, those playing can take turns as the clue-giver or item-guesser. Add your own twist to the Google Pyramid game and divide into teams to see who is crowned the winner!

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