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Question of the Day for Alexa: The Official Daily Trivia Game

If you're a fan of Volley's Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and other trivia games, then you'll love our Google or Alexa trivia Question of the Day! Every day your smart speakers, either Google Home or Amazon Alexa, will test your knowledge from a range of categories. With topics like arts and entertainment, literature, science and more! With Question of the Day, Google or Amazon version, you can play alongside friends and family, just like our Family Duel game! The Google and Alexa Question of the Day game lets you collect points and earn bonus questions, all while learning something new every single day. Once you download the skill to your Amazon device or Google Assistant, just ask Alexa or Google, what's the question of the day? And for huge fans of the game, join the Trivia Club to receive three daily bonus Challenge Questions, see how you stack up on the national rankings against those who have answered correctly and obtain unlimited multiplayer Game Packs. Download the Google or Alexa Question of the Day game skill today!

What people are saying about


its a great way to start the day in our house

Mom of 3 boys

my son plays it everynight before bed WE learn something new most days!!!


I do this every day after work. Helps me to unwind and nearly every day learn something interesting or unusual. Lovin' it!

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