Wheel of Fortune

Spin that wheel and solve daily word puzzles!
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Alexa, play Wheel of Fortune
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Hey Google, talk to Wheel of Fortune
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Play The Wheel of Fortune Voice Game with Alexa

Volley’s Wheel of Fortune Google game, also compatible with an Amazon Echo, brings all the excitement from the popular game show to your home. With the Amazon Wheel of Fortune game, you would think you are truly there to spin the wheel! But in this voice-controlled smart speaker game, you can challenge your friends, just like our Magic Word game, to the Amazon or Google Wheel of Fortune game and play virtually to see who can solve word puzzles correctly and earn gold in all 50 states. But be sure to watch out for bankrupt so you do not lose all your points! Plus, like our other Alexa family games, you can play Wheel of Fortune with family and friends on one device in a local Party Game. With Volley’s genuine Alexa Wheel of Fortune skill, the theme of the famous television show is matched, so you can see the selection of letters and iconic puzzle board on any compatible Google Assistant display.

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