Getting back into the school routine every year can be a struggle. Using a voice assistant to save time and stay organized is a good way to get off on the right foot. Learn how to get and play the best Alexa apps, skills, and games to prepare for the school year.


Establish a routine for your household using Alexa to get everyone set up for success. Use Alexa to encourage independence in kids and convenience for adults to expedite your morning.

  • Routines / Blueprints: Make custom responses that fit your needs. “Alexa, how long should I wait for my shower to be hot?” Learn more about blueprints here.
  • Flash Briefing: Build news and music playlists to your tastes.
  • Commuting: Plan your perfect route with traffic insights and weather advisories.

Time for Class

Whether you’re attending a virtual class or venturing back into classrooms this school year, voice apps and games can help break up the day. Inject some fun into your lunch break with these apps and skills for Alexa.

  • Reminders / Timers: Create moments of fun by making recurring timers or reminders. “Alexa, remind me at 11:00 every day to have a dance break.”
  • Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?: Put your knowledge to the test to see how much attention you were paying in class with the official Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader Alexa game from Volley.
  • Word of the Day: Keep your mind sharp and grow your vocabulary. Just ask, “Alexa, open Word of the Day”

After School

Transitioning out of the school day can be difficult. Creating an after-school routine is a great way to change the tone. Ask Alexa to play your favorite Prime Video show or to put on a workout playlist while you knock out your exercise routine.

  • Shopping & Lists: Keep everything you need at your virtual fingertips. “Alexa, what’s on our to-do list for today?”
  • Communications: Stay in touch with family and friends. “Alexa, call grandma”
  • Reading Sidekick: Sometimes you just need a nudge. The all-new features of Amazon Kids+ subscription lets Alexa read alongside or take turns, encouraging new readers. Just ask, “Alexa, what is Reading Sidekick?” Learn more about Reading Sidekick and Amazon Kids+ here.
  • Family Duel: Challenge your friends and family in live team battles, or play by yourself and try to score it big on the weekly leaderboard.

Time for Bed

One of the best ingredients for a great day is a great night’s sleep. Wind down with music or stories.

  • Announcements: Let everyone know it’s time to get ready for bed or start your evening Routine. “Alexa, turn off the lights.” Learn more about smart home control here.
  • Bedtime Stories: Listen to the soothing sounds of classic tales and imagine faraway worlds as you drift to sleep. Bedtime Stories from Volley offers 7 free story genres including featured stories from Beatrix Potter-- The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and The Tale of Peter Rabbit