Getting to work doesn’t have to be a drag. These apps and games will set you up foran entertaining in-between routine. To set up entertainment apps on yourAlexa-enabled device, browse and search the Skills & Games section of your Alexaapp.

Morning Commute

Whether you’re working from home, an office or workspace, taking time to establish a routine in the morning will help start the day off on the right foot. Make a list of news, weather and commuting information you usually find on your phone and letAlexa catch you up while you enjoy your coffee or board the train to the office.

  • Daily Meditation: Take a moment to set the day’s intention and start the day off right. Choose among themes like Calming Breath, Self Confidence and Releasing Fears with this app from Volley.
  • Routines / Blueprints: Make custom responses that fit your needs. Start your day with local weather updates, calendar information and other free skills.“Alexa, what’s Max’s schedule for today?”
  • Volley FM: Build playlists to your tastes for snippets of content back to back.Assemble the perfect playlist from our extensive list of shows like Everyday Positivity and Word of the Day
  • Commuting: Plan your perfect route based on weather and current traffic conditions. To set your location in your Alexa app, navigate to the Devices section, choose the Device you want to update, and scroll to the Locationoptions.

Mid-day Break

Break up your day with a walk around the block, to the park, or even set up a designated break zone in your home or office and enjoy these fun experiences with Alexa. Spending short breaks away from your work has been shown to boost productivity and increase creativity

  • Reminders / Timers: Create moments of fun by making recurring timers or reminders. “Alexa, remind me at 11:00 every day to listen to the new episode of my favorite podcast.”
  • Yes Sire: Boss got you down? Flip the script with this choose-your-own-adventure game where you’re wearing the crown. Listen a long and tell Alexa what to do next in your feudal fiefdom.
  • Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?: Challenge your coworkers or sharpen your skills solo with the voice version of this hit game show. Test yourself on 22 different school subjects including astronomy, ancient history, music, art,science, and more.

Afternoon Commute

Clocking out and heading home for the day deserves its own celebration. These skills are great for unwinding and providing much-needed after-work entertainment.

  • Comms: Stay in touch with family and friends. “Alexa, call grandma.” You cantell Alexa a phone number or a contact’s name from your personal contacts to make a voice or video call.
  • Song Quiz: Put your music knowledge to the test with one of the most popular games on Alexa. For pop music by decade, play the classic Song Quiz,and for Country hits, check out Country Song Quiz
  • The Price is Right: Come on down because you’re the next contestant in this classic American game show. Guess the prices of items on Amazon and playother The Price is Right mini games like Plinko and Showcase Showdown.